Our Excellence

Arrangement Service/Asset Management Service for financial products business

Consulting Service for any consulting business

We structure financial products along new scheme and new asset involving synergetic effect.

1.We advise securitizing any assets and converting them into financial products.

We advise securitizing any assets and converting them into financial products through financial approach, without limiting asset only for real estate.

2.We merge structuring products ability and consulting ability.

We differentiate ourselves from other vendors by providing higher quality solutions applying our skills and knowledge to M&A consulting as financial arranger and asset manager for underlying assets of securitized products.

3.We advise for financial arrangement.

Our bold and extensive relationships with domestic and overseas financial institutions and investment funds, we advise for loan arrangement.

4.Structuring compliance program.

We structure compliance program by obtaining licenses on financial instruments business (Investment Management Business, Investment Advising and Agency, Type II Financial Instruments Business), and General real estate investment adviser.

Our Strength and Specialty

1.Business Portfolio

We strengthen management stability by optimizing business portfolio and structuring strong business foundation based on aspects of “stock business/flow business”, and “economy-affecting business/economy-non-affecting business”.

2.Human network over financial real estate field

Our main members are well experienced in oversea financial consulting firms, financial advisory firms and/or megabanks. Our clients’ network extends over 10,000 companies. We are confident being one of the few asset management companies with extensive and diversified network.

3.High quality human resources

Our board members achieved top level performance while they were in other financial institutions.

Differentiation in operating business

1.Marketing skill

We collect information through extensive network and source of intelligence. Then we analyze and research the data with high quality management resources; which enables wide spectrum marketing.

2.Providing solution skill

We provide our service based on firm financial and real estate knowledge and skills. For example, for a company which needs to count special loss in P/L statement due to introducing impairment accounting, we make proposition of sales and lease back for the purpose of setting off-balance state and minimizing special loss. In another case, for logistic facility which cannot be converted into beneficial interest due to law observance, we make proposition to convert the case eligible to invest by our unique know-how; we strategically and exclusively hold profitable properties.

3.Structuring business skill

We build cases and provide solutions to clients with evolving requirements by allocating extensive human network and resources over financial and real estate field.

4.Negotiation skill

Our members are professionals who have achieved top level performance in megabank and/or bank-affiliated real estate firms, are capable of defining client’s true needs, and negotiate cases speedy and smoothly.

5.Closing case skill

We always focus on client’s stance and plan, develop cases from client’s perspective, and close cases with the concept of “mutualism”.