Our Business

GCM offers services that satisfy precisely diversified and specialized needs of the clients in Japan and Asian region based on the market-in concept and provides highly strategic solution in high speed making a good use of broad network and arrangement skills together with abundant experience and know-hows in “financial” and “real estate” business area.
Our business model is composed of two segments of financial products and consulting service and four domains of real estate, credit, other assets and corporation; we are able to respond flexibly and versatilely to resolve issues and satisfy needs of the customers.

Business Segment
Financial Products Consulting Services
Business Domain
Real Estate
  • Management of Real Estate Funds
  • Management of Distressed Funds(Real Estate)
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Advice for Real Estate Acquisition or Disposition
  • Sales of Collective Investment Scheme Interest
  • Management of Distressed Funds (loan)
  • Advisory on Credit Acquisition/Sales
  • Sales of Credit (including Brokerage)
  • Sales/Promotion of Collective Investment Scheme Interest
  • Management of Corporate Investment Funds
  • M&A Advisory
  • Advice for Financing (including Personal Finance)
  • Sales of Collective Investment Scheme Interest
Other Assets
  • Advice for Other Assets Acquisition or Disposition
  • Sales of Collective Investment Scheme Interest

*Management operation is categorized as asset management business

Financial Products

We construct and offer highly attractive financial and investment products through asset liquidation making a good use of broad network in the capital market and high quality know-hows in finance.
We always focus on providing products with structure that conforms to risk tolerance and investment stance of each client. Assets subject to liquidation include any kind of asset or business, tangible or intangible, as long as cash flow is generated. We select the optimum asset through financial approach based on economic/financial condition or economic trend and needs of the originator (current asset holder). Relating to the structure, we construct investment products with optimized risk/return in the form of fund applying various collective investment schemes such as anonymous or investment business limited partnerships.

Real Estate Funds We construct and form structure-scheme providing discretionary management, investment advisory, asset management and fund management having office, commercial and resident buildings as the main target of asset.
Distressed Funds Distressed funds focusing on real estate and credits. We construct and form structure-scheme focusing on “distressed assets” providing discretionary management, investment advisory, asset management and fund management in order to correspond to changing clients’ needs.
Corporate Investment Funds There are two different types of fund in this category; buyout type fund with the condition of mid to long term holding period aiming to raise value of companies with poor business performance through investment and corporate reconstruction, and venture investment fund that gets return from investment to and public offering, etc. of developing Venture Corporations. We construct and form structure-scheme providing discretionary management, investment advisory, asset management and fund management.

Consulting Services

The characteristics of consulting services we offer are in its optimum and quick solutions to satisfy clients’ needs, offering not only advisory or brokerage function but also services from advisory sourcing services based on operational financial strategy or business plans to after sales services. We deploy administrative consulting services based on mid to long term forecast.

Financial Advisory (Fundraising Support Services)

We support clients’ funding needs via the network of over 100 domestic and overseas financial institutions such as megabanks, local banks, loan and trust companies, and nonbank lenders. We provide not only brokerage but also other services such as financial strategy advice, arrangement for best suited financial institutions and type of borrowing according to clients’ credit capability, purpose of loan and fundraising requirement, aftersales follow-up services; the characteristic of our service is the optimal and quick solutions that satisfy clients’ needs.

M&A Advisory

We provide advisory services on acquisition and disposition, going private, corporate group reorganization and business revitalization for listed and unlisted companies. Our services include not only brokerage but also advisory supporting clients’ general management from integrated perspective to increase corporate value. We smoothly respond to execution including fundraising support for the acquirer side and closing, offering consulting services after acquisition based on mid to long term forecast.

Credit Trade Brokerage and Advisory

We offer arrangement services of servicer or due diligence of the credit or credit trade brokerage mainly of real estate secured credits held by financial institutions. With regard to sourcing of targeted credit we apply method to approach directly to tax accountant of the debtor (client) in order to carry out differentiated sourcing activities.

Real Estate Brokerage

Our real estate brokerage services provide variety of solutions placing the first priority on “realization of clients’ needs”. We support a full range of real estate services starting from introducing real estate that may satisfy clients’ needs and planning of fundraising at the purchase to introducing suppliers. In regard to real estate sales we also carry out activities aiming realization of sales needs of the clients and providing advices from wide range of perspective such as corporation administration and asset management.

Real Estate Investment Arrangement for Executives

We support a full range of real estate investment arrangement for busy executives, arranging all processes such as providing information on real estate for investment, fundraising and the acquisition and management.

Investment Advisory “El Camino”

El Camino provides investment advice, particularly for IPO investment. Stocks newly going public are, in general, priced cheaper than similar listed companies’ stocks in order to secure the number of shareholders to satisfy the listing requirement. This is basically to offset the disadvantage for the investors such as unstable evaluation for newly listing stocks because of their short history and significant originality with no competitor and/or considerable volatility because of small caps. Therefore, El Camino suggests IPO investment as quite an effective investment tool if only such risk factors are properly controlled by appropriate choice of investing companies.
In addition to choices of target IPO companies, advices for securing limited number of IPO stocks and selling them upon listing, El camino provides latest overseas market information and disclosures of major economic indicators and corporate results.